To Gather 2021 is a multi-week socialization collective hosted by Kingdom Kids and sponsored by Heritage Church NW. This collective is not intended to be a replacement for in-person education but to be a place for children to connect with other children, in-person for the support of their minds and emotions.

One time registration – $5 per student 
$12 per student per week
Weekly payments can be made at the time of student drop off or pick-up


To Gather 2021 is for fully potty-trained Preschoolers (ages 3-5) through 12th grade. 



Time: 9:00am to 2:00pm
– Drop off begins at 8:45am
– Pick-Up is 2:00 – 2:15pm

First day – Wednesday April 14th

Last day – Wednesday June 9st

Breakfast: We will be offering breakfast from 9:00 – 9:30am. After the kids check in and drop their belongings off in the classroom, they can head to the Café for a light breakfast. We hope this makes getting everyone ready and out the door on Wednesday mornings a bit easier!
Workshops: We will be offering 2 different workshops that will run 4 weeks each for an hour in the afternoon portion of To Gather. The workshops are for students in Kindergarten and up. For the first half of the spring session, we will be offering:


What Parents need to know:
  • Study-Buddy time will include support to children while working on classwork. Parent should send a list of what to work on. Our team will do our best to support the tasks needing to be done.
  • All Study-Buddies will be interviewed, background checked and supported by Pastor Jess.
  • Breakfast/Lunch will include a home-made meal. We are happy to store and then serve pre-made meals for kids with food restrictions that are dropped off the morning of, by parents.
  • Physical activity will be organized and will range from basketball and other outdoor activities, to fun online workout videos for kids. Have your kids dress for this each week.
  • Art/Free time will at times be an instructed art class by Pastor Jess and Team. Other times we will let the kids relax and play games.
  • This collective is open to ALL children. If your children would like to invite their friends, we would love that.
  • We will have 3 classrooms and a large café for all of our planned events which allows for plenty of elbow room. We will continue to keep our spaces fresh and clean.
  • We ask that you make every effort prior to bringing your child to this collective each week, to evaluate and ensure they do not have, at a minimum, the following: abnormal fever, cough, body aches, green mucus, rash, or has vomited in the last 72 hours. Please help our efforts in cleaning and sanitizing by keeping children home who show any signs of illness. We greatly appreciate your efforts
  • High School students are invited, and our Youth Pastor, Gabby Groskopf will be present to interact with our older students. We understand that their socialization needs may not be met by the above schedule. Nevertheless, they are included, and we invite them to participate in whatever way adds value to their school year and to their mental and emotional needs. We will provide a different classroom for students 9th – 12th

Please email Pastor Jess any questions you may have at: