Hi Families!


The new quarter of To Gather is almost upon us! The spring session will begin April 14th and run through June 9th, 2021.

We have some exciting changes to our programming that we wanted to share with you!  

  • Breakfast:  We will be offering breakfast from 9:00 – 9:30am. After the kids check in and drop their belongings off in the classroom, they can head to the Café for a light breakfast. We hope this makes getting everyone ready and out the door on Wednesday mornings a bit easier!

  • Workshops: We will be offering 2 different workshops that will run 4 weeks each for an hour in the afternoon portion of To Gather. The workshops are for students in Kindergarten and up. For the first half of the spring session, we will be offering:

  • Advanced Art Workshop: This workshop is open to kids 2nd grade and older. We will be learning some advanced techniques and skills.

  • Craft Craziness Workshop: Each week will bring a different craft project to work on…beads, paper crafts and more!


  • Preschool:  Our class for kids fully potty-trained, age 3 – 5 years old has been a big hit, and we are offering it again this spring!  A fun time with friends, hands-on learning activities, and play.


  • We will continue to have a Study Buddy time for the first 2 hours. Please continue to send work (or something) for your student to do during this time.  *Tablets and electronic devices will only be allowed for school work.


What Parents need to know:


– How do I register?  

Go to https://www.heritagenorthwest.org/to-gather/  for the one-time online registration form, located under the Events heading.


– What is the cost?

There is a one-time, $5.00 registration fee per child. Weekly there is a $12.00 fee per child, which can be paid at drop-off or pick-up. If cost is an issue, please speak with Denise or Jess.

– What time can I drop my child off?

We will be ready to check-in children by 8:45am each Wednesday.

– What time do I need to pick my child up by?

Please come to pick up your child/ren by 2:00 to 2:15pm each Wednesday. Please ensure you have the PICK-UP TICKET with you at this time. If you need to pick up your child early, please let Denise know at drop-off. We plan our afternoon activities to last until 2pm.  There will be a check-out attendant in the Café by 1:55pm.

– Will my child have access to food?

We will be providing Breakfast and Lunch, as well as an afternoon snack for your child/ren. If your child has a special diet, please send them with meals. We will be sure they eat what you send. We will have snacks on-hand so if a child asks for food, they will never be told no. We have 2 filtered drinking fountains available all day. If you send a water bottle please be sure you write their name on it.

– What do I do if my child is sick?

We ask that you make every effort prior to bringing your child to this collective each week, to evaluate and ensure they do not have, at a minimum, the following: abnormal fever, cough, body aches, green mucus, rash, or has vomited in the last 72 hours. Please help our efforts in cleaning and sanitizing by keeping children home who show any signs of illness. We greatly appreciate your efforts.

– What should I do if my child will miss a week or will be arriving late?

We do not require that you let us know if your child is missing a week. If you will be arriving late, that is OK. We will not stay in the entryway longer than 9:20am. When you arrive, you can go to one of the classrooms and ask the teacher to locate Denise for check-in.

– Can I send a phone, tablet or iPad with my child?

Yes, if they need it for instruction or schoolwork. If they do not need it for learning please DO NOT send any device with your child. If you are OK with your middle school child focusing on a phone, rather than interacting in the collective, please talk with Denise directly. We understand that some of the older children might have a phone for communication with you. We did find devices to be a consistent issue in our first session. We would like to limit this if possible.

– Can I send toys for my child/ren to play with during the day?

We would ask that you only send the necessary items for study time with your child. We will be purchasing new outside toys and games for the collective. Personal toys, games and balls are difficult for us to keep track of and they often get lost.

– Who is running To Gather?

Denise McNicholas is our To Gather Coordinator. We could not be more excited to have Denise on the team. Denise has extensive experience working with children and coordinating ministries and programs like To Gather. She will be your main point of contact during each session. Occasionally Jess Layne will step in for Denise, but even then, Jess will be following Denise’s programming and plan. She will be emailing families directly very soon to introduce herself. Stay tuned.

– Can I help or volunteer at To Gather?

We love extra help and would love to have a conversation with you in person about this. If you were to volunteer, we would follow the Heritage NW Church standard of an application, references, interview and background check. Once approved, it would be for To Gather specifically. If you attend Heritage Church, and you’d like to extend your volunteering into the weekend there would be another step to add prior to that happening but we would love that as well!
Let us know if you have any questions!

Sincerely, Team To Gather

Jess Layne
Denise McNicols