Jim & Gloria Davenport

Executive Pastor
Jay and Tiffany desire to help people develop rich relationships with Christ, family and Community life. They desire to help people understand their true calling in Christ and to walk in the calling that God has given them. The Carsons live each day with the desire to fulfill their calling by serving those around them and living a life filled with Joy and Purpose! Jay serves as the Administrative pastor at Heritage Church. Tiffany serves in Women’s ministry and is the Conference Coordinator for Heritage. Jay has worked for several Fortune 500 companies in various leadership and executive roles over the past 20 years. Jay and Tiffany have served in various roles ranging from Youth ministry to church leadership. They both desire to transition their experiences in business and life to see the Church grow and thrive in our community. Jay and Tiffany have three Children – Austin, Kortney, and Aaron.

Jay & Tiffany Carson

Administrative Pastor

Jeremy Young

Associate Pastor
Jeremy desires to see all people transformed by the power of Christ. He is passionate about seeing this happen through the life altering impact of discipleship. Jeremy serves Heritage Church as an Associate Pastor over Youth, Growth Groups and Hospitality/Follow-Up. He graduated from Northwest University with a Bachelor of Science in Christian Leadership. Jeremy is married to Kara and has a daughter – Jordyne.

Jess Layne

Associate Pastor for
Kids and Families

Aaron & Meghan Brown

Associate Pastor for
Worship & Arts
Aaron and Meghan have been in worship ministry together for 15 years, and leading individually for nearly 20 years. Over the course of their ministry, the passion of their hearts have been to encourage, call out, and equip others in creative arts ministry. Aaron and Meghan serve Heritage Church as Associate Pastors over Worship & Arts, fostering a worship culture of faith and engagement. Aaron attended Northwest University with a focus on Christian Leadership. Meghan earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Corbin University. Aaron and Meghan have four children – Keilene, Kasidee, Kambria, and Kayson.

Rob & Kim Gordon

Student Ministries Pastors