Join us on Saturday, March 30th from 9am-4pm as Heritage Church hosts “Helping the Hurting” taught by Dr Bryan Davenport
Jesus models healing and deliverance as a principal expression of His Kingdom.  In His commission, He mandates this ministry to His followers.  But the message of forgiveness and reconciliation to God through Christ must include a concurrent confrontation of suffering.  Without a doubt, healing and deliverance communicate and confirm the message and mission of Christ.  But they also flow from the heart and nature of God.  They are not merely polemics, convincing the beholder of divine reality.  They are normal expressions of a loving, compassionate Savior-Redeemer.  Despite the biblical models and mandates, both churched and un-churched people remain in need of healing and deliverance.
Historically, most approaches to these ministries overemphasize style, culture, or formula, leaving a residue of frustration.  Often, believers long to help others, but they lack the comfort or confidence to approach the afflicted.  As a result, many believers neglect or forfeit these principle kingdom ministries or perceive them as the property or practice of a select few.  The purpose of this workshop is to cultivate confidence and participation of believers in the ministry of Christ to the afflicted.
Believers should have the confidence to minister the powerful compassion of Christ.  They should operate in compassionate ministry based upon sound biblical principles, and free from the worry over adherence to methods or formulas.  Compassionate ministry should be a normal, joyful, and resolute part of a believer’s life.  Thus, the title of this workshop is “Everyday approaches to healing and deliverance.”
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